mobbingo [ J2Me Canvas Library and Components For ( Java ) MIDP / CLDC Enabled Mobile phones ]  

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Hello bloggers,

We want the J2Me development to be very popular and very easy for development . Please help us..!!! Please send your suggestion to improve our library so we can provide you the best solution.

We are busy with the development of features like ,
- Fast, Rich and Optimized user friendly interface components
- Landscape/Normal View for different screen size.
- High Level User Interface (Form) components implemented in Canvas
- Conentent Management System via Server / On The Fly Template Creation from the Server by only changing in one image/xml file.
- Different Animation Effects with Menu and Window.
- Ticker/Animated Label implementation.
- Message box/Popup implementation.
- Busy Screen/Progress bar animation
- High Level User Interface (Form) components implemented in Canvas [e.g. Widgets , Drop Down box , List box , Text box , Radio button , Checkbox and more... ]
- Advertisement Labels
- Html to J2Me code conversion tools
- Different application specific components to integrate in your applications as a widget.
- Blackberry MIDP and CDLC devices support

Please put more suggestions to help the J2Me developers to make the development more easier using this library.